International Affairs Department

The organization of international cooperation in Francisk Skorina Gomel State University (GSU) aims at improvement of system of education by means of analysing leading foreign experience and attracting supplementary finances in order to stimulate the development of the University and the scientific and pedagogic process. To enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation International Affairs Department (IAD) functions in the University (situated in the main building № 4, room 5-9). International Affairs Department is the independent structural department of the University. The primary goal of the mentioned department is to execute the coordination of international cooperation of the University, as well as:

  • to create favourable image of the University at the international level;
  • to sign partnership agreements, contracts, cooperation programmes;
  • to accept foreign official delegations, conduct partnership negotiations and organize international events on the basis of the GSU;
  • to participate in international educational projects and programmes (Erasmus Mundus, TEMPUS, IAESTE, Inter-Academia, etc.);
  • to enhance cooperation with German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD);
  • to send abroad academic staff, students and postgraduates for study, traineeship, lecturing, consulting and conducting scientific researches;
  • to assist structural departments, staff members and students in their participation in international programmes and projects;
  • to invite and accept foreign scientific staff members, students and postgraduates who come for exchange study, traineeship, lecturing, consulting, conducting scientific researches, organizing of international events and other activities;
  • to insure export of educational services, organize educational and methodological work with foreign students, consular services and registration of foreign citizens.

Contact address:

Educational Institution «Francisk Skorina Gomel State University»,
Sovetskaya Str.98, room 1-5, 246019, Gomel, Republic of Belarus
International Affairs Department
tel. +375 (232) 60-73-71, fax +375 (232) 57-81-11
e-mail: mail*


Head of the Department: Alexander GRAHOTSKY
Tel/Fax: +375 (232) 60-31-78
E-mail: grahotsky*gsu.byinteraffairs*

Vice Head of the Department: Sergei SYS
Tel/Fax: +375 (232) 60-31-78
E-mail: sys*

Specialist of the first category: Lyudmila PROTCHENKO
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: protchenko*

Specialist of the first category: Valentina ANDREIKOVA
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: andreykova*

Specialist: Marina ASIPTSOVA
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: asiptsova*

Specialist: Anastasia SHULGA
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: shulga*

Specialist: Elizaveta ZHUKOVA
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: zhukova*

Specialist: Elena ZUBAREVA
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: zubareva2*

Translator: Diana MAZALOVA
Tel./fax: +375 (232) 60 31 78
E-mail: davydenko*



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