Master`s degree programmes

Terms of admission of foreign citizens at a Master`s degree course

In order to apply for a Master`s degree course foreign citizens must submit the following documents:

  • an application addressed to the rector;
  • a copy of a higher education diploma and its supplement or a copy of a document which prove the presence of higher education equivalent to Belarusian one with indication of the studied subjects and marks (verified by a dean or the Office of Academic and Methodological activities). A higher education document must be verified by the Republican Institute of High School (prove of equivalence);  
  • transcript of a Faculty Council meeting which contains a recommendations for study at the 2nd  stage of higher education;  
  • a medical certificate (in accordance with a special form of the Ministry of Health);  
  • 4 photos (3x4 size);
  • an identification document (presented by an applicant himself).

Documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Belarusian or Russian languages certified by a notary.

The admission procedure is carried out till October 30.

Master`s degree programmes

  1. German languages (English, German), Master of Philology
  2. Linguistics, Master of Philology
  3. Literature Studies, Master of Philology
  4. Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training, Health-improving and Adaptive Physical Training, Master of Pedagogics
  5. General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education, Master of Pedagogics
  6. Psychology, Master of Psychology
  7. Jurisprudence, Master of the Humanities
  8. World Economics, Master of Economics
  9. Finance, Money Circulation and Credit, Master of Economics
  10. Economics and National Economy Management, Master of Economics
  11. Accounting, Statistics, Master of Economics
  12. Biology, Master of Biology
  13. Forest Plants, Selection and Seed Raising, Master (major in): Biology, Agriculture
  14. Forestry and Forest Management, Forest Fires and Measures against it, Master (major in): Biology, Agriculture
  15. Forest Management and Forest Taxation, Master of Agriculture
  16. Mathematics, Master of Physics and Mathematics
  17. Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Master (major in): Physics and Mathematics, Technics  
  18. Physics, Master of Physics and Mathematics
  19. World History, Master of History
  20. National History, Master of History
  21. Geoecology, Master of Geography
  22. General and Regional Geology, Master of Geology and Mineralogy
  23. Information and Communication Systems and Networks, Master of Technics and Technologies  

Period of study – 1-2 years.