The future of the Gomel hockey

Submitted by Dmitry_Gorbachev on Thu, 03/29/2018 - 16:26

On March 28, the team " Gomel-2 "won the title of the Champion of the Republic of Belarus among the teams of the Higher League, confidently beating Minsk" Junior " with the score 5:2 in the away fifth match of the final series.

 "Gomel-2" is one of the most titled clubs of the Highest League, but since 2007 the team has not been able to conquer the top step of the podium. And now, 11 years later, the wards of Artem Senkevich and Dmitry Pantsyrev – a graduate of our University – were able to win the main award of the Belarusian youth hockey.

It is noteworthy that Gomel-2 was stronger than Ararat in the quarter-final matches, in the semifinal matches he managed to cope with the formidable Shakhtar-2 from Soligorsk, and in the final series overcame the resistance of the most principled opponent – Minsk Junior, beating him with the score 4:1 in the final series!

The team of the higher League "Gomel-2" is 100% staffed with pupils of the Gomel hockey school. The winners were students of our University: Bovin Kirill Alexandrovich Vadim, Igor Chmykhov, Trukhanov Nikita, Merzlov Alexey Voronov Pavel, Parkhomenko, Ilya, and the Pot Konstantin, Pisuk Sergei, Egor Paholchenko, Scorenow Alexander.

We congratulate the team and coaches on the long-awaited victory and hope that this is only the beginning, and the most important goals are yet to come!

Photos taken from the site Oh?

Marina Kozhedub,

the head of the sports press centre

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