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Address: 246019, Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Kirova Str., 119
Телефон: +375 (232) 51-03-13
E-mail: math*gsu.by
Сайт факультета: http://math.gsu.by
Декан факультета математики и технологий программирования ГГУ им. Ф. Скорины ЖОГАЛЬ Сергей Петрович


ZHOGAL Sergey Petrovich,
PhD in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor
Phone: +375 (232) 51-03-13
E-mail: zhogal*gsu.by

History reference

On October 1, 1930, the Agro-Pedagogical Institute of the People's Commissariat of Education of the BSSR with a two-year term of study was opened in Gomel. The institute included two departments:

  • Physical and Technical Department (graduates of this department also taught mathematics);
  • Chemical and Biological Department.

Факультет математики и технологий программирования ГГУ им. Ф. Скорины

The first enrollment was 100 people, half of whom went to the Physical and Technical Department. Applicants with secondary education were admitted without entrance exams. Classes began on October 2, 1930. The institute was located in different rooms, Physics and Technology Department was in Lange Street. The first graduation was in 1932, in 1933 the institute was reorganized into Gomel Pedagogical Institute with a four-year term of study, which included the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. First, this faculty was headed by Alekhnovich Ya.S., and then until 1936 the faculty was headed by A. Sternov, from October 1936 the leadership of the faculty was entrusted to Glatenka V.D., who was the head of the faculty until 1963.

Факультет математики и технологий программирования ГГУ им. Ф. Скорины

On May 1, 1969, Gomel State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into Gomel State University. On the basis of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Pedagogical Institute, the Physics Faculty and the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty were formed. Among the first graduates of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty there were our teachers: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor M. Selkin and PhD in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor Kharlamova V.I. In the future many graduates of Gomel University became PhDs and doctors of sciences. In September 1977, the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Mathematics.

Faculty today

There are 620 students, 75 undergraduates and 37 graduate students at the faculty.
71 lecturers, 48 of whom are PhDs, associate professors, 12  doctors of sciences, professors take part in the educational process.


  • "Computer science and programming technology." Qualification: System Software Engineer.
  • "Information Technology Software". Qualification: Software Engineer.
  • "Economic cybernetics (mathematical methods and computer modeling in economics)." Qualification: Mathematician-economist.
  • "Applied mathematics (research and production activity)." Qualification: Mathematician-programmer.
  • “Applied mathematics (scientific and pedagogical activity)”. Qualification: Mathematician-programmer. Teacher of mathematics and computer science.
  • "Mathematics (scientific and pedagogical activity)." Qualification: Mathematician. Teacher of mathematics and computer science.

The faculty trains graduate students in the following specialities:

  • 01.01.01 Real, complex and functional analysis
  • 01/01/06 Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory
  • 05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes
  • 13/05/15 Computing machines, complexes and computer networks.


Факультет математики и технологий программирования ГГУ им. Ф. Скорины

  • 1-31 03 01-02 “Mathematics (scientific and pedagogical activity)” with specializations “Algebra and number theory”, “Differential equations”, “Mathematical analysis”, “Probability theory and mathematical statistics”, “Mathematical informatics”
  • 1-31 03 03-01 “Applied mathematics (scientific and industrial activity)” with specializations “Mathematical and software of computers and systems”, “Operational research and system analysis”,
  • 1-31 03 03-02 “Applied mathematics” (scientific and pedagogical activity) with specializations “Numerical methods”, “Optimization and optimal control”,
    1-40 01 01 “Information technology software” with specializations “Web technologies and mobile systems software”, “Databases and information systems software”,
  • 1-31 03 06-01 “Economic cybernetics (mathematical methods and computer modeling in economics)” with specialization “Economic modeling, analysis and forecasting”

Scientific areas

In 2016–2020 the faculty conducts fundamental, exploratory and applied research in the following areas, which correspond to the profile of graduates and are formed on the basis of the list of priority areas of fundamental and applied scientific research of the Republic of Belarus for 2016–2020:

  • Mathematical and computer modeling of physical and technical systems.
  • Development of methods for calculating the stress strain behaviour of layered structures of new reinforced polymers based on new information technologies.
  • Development of modeling methods for reliability, throughput, efficiency of structurally complex systems, mathematical models and algorithms for functioning of production process control systems with elements of potential danger.
  • Probabilistic and statistical methods in economics, finance and queueing, queueing network.
  • Modern algebra and its application in science and education.

To the applicant

Work for graduates in an IT company:

  • "EPAM Systems"
  • "IBA"
  • "Exadel"
  • "ApCelp"
  • "Design Bureau of System Programming"
  • Belorusneft
  • "Garant" and others.