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On July 3, the staff and students of the University headed by the rector Khakhomov Took part in the solemn events dedicated to the independence Day of Belarus.

The day began with a traditional procession, which United in one column representatives of institutions, enterprises and organizations of the city. Cloudy morning was decorated with colorful balloons, national flags and banners, picked up by a live stream of people.

For guests and residents on the square of the Uprising were organized exhibitions and interactive platforms in the framework of the youth festival "Zen vyshyvanka". The Department of youth initiatives was arranged an exhibition of the collection of embroidered articles provided by the laboratory of the Department of social and educational psychology Repnin, I. A., Leading specialists of the Department Dubrovskaya L. V. Tarasov and D. O. were organized master-class "Romanovy Machacek" and an exhibition of Handicrafts.

The activists of the student club presented their creativity to the city, who performed at the musical youth platform near the tank. The participants of the rally and the Republican action "let's Sing the anthem together" were the activists of the primary organization of NGO "Belarusian Republican youth Union".

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