Humor day at the preparatory department

Submitted by ias on Tue, 04/05/2022 - 14:54

An event dedicated to the Day of Laughter was organized at the preparatory department of the Institute of Advanced Training. It was attended by foreign students of the ПОИ-1 and ПОИ-2 groups. High spirits were present at all stages of the unusual lesson. The listeners took an active part in each of them. Thus, the presentation with April Fools’ jokes was accompanied not only by the linguistic comments of the teacher, but also by positive or negative assessments of the quality of the humor presented by the listeners.

In the symbolic contest for the best April Fools' drawing, in which foreign listeners told who and how they had already managed to make a joke that morning, the prize was a good mood of all those present. Also, the participants of the event were happy to tell and write on the board how the day of April 1 is called and celebrated in their countries: Poisson d'avril (April fish) in the Congo, 愚人节, yúrénjié, (literally: the holiday of a stupid person) In China, in Turkey, April 1 (Aptallar günü) is also considered Fool’s Day. The board was decorated with inscriptions in Russian, Chinese, English, Turkish and French with wishes of cheerful mood and smiles.

The event was organized and conducted by Ph.D., Associate Professor, N.A. Sivakova and assistant of the Department of Pre-university Training and Career Guidance K.V. Kushnareva.

Assistant of the Department of Pre-university training and Career guidance and IAT K.V.Kushnareva

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