Francisk Skrona Gomel State University entered the RUR (Round University Ranking) for the first time

Submitted by Dmitry_Gorbachev on Thu, 10/26/2023 - 17:12

Round University Ranking (RUR) is a world university ranking that provides a comparison of 1000+ leading universities from 85 countries over 13 years (2010-2022). All universities are evaluated by 20 indicators distributed in 4 areas: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability. Such a wide coverage, both geographical and temporal, makes the RUR rating a unique tool for choosing universities for study and work, as well as comparing universities on a global scale.

GSU entered the world League (500+), took the 1143rd position in the world and the 5th position in Belarus.

The Round University Ranking is also presented by subject areas (RUR subject Rankings) - this is a comprehensive and internationally recognized ranking that provides valuable information about academic achievements and scientific achievements in various fields of study at universities around the world.

The RUR subject rating covers a wide range of subjects, from engineering and natural sciences to humanities and social sciences, making it an important resource for students, teachers, researchers and institutions.

The Francisk Skorina Gomel State University is included in the RUR 2023 Subject Rating in the following subject areas:

Humanities – 862 position in the world (2 in Belarus)

Natural sciences - 759th position in the world (1 in Belarus)

Social sciences - 742 position in the world (2 in Belarus)

Technical sciences - 847th position in the world (2 in Belarus)