Once again about love…

Submitted by Dmitry_Gorbachev on Fri, 02/18/2022 - 09:59

For many years, Valentine’s Day is a holiday of Catholic origin - has firmly entered the lives of people in all countries of the post-Soviet space. This holiday is shrouded in legends and mysteries, and the personality of St. Valentine himself is surrounded by riddles and contradictions. And the attitude to the holiday is different: romantic, skeptical, commercial… But the most important thing is that this holiday once again gives an excuse to make a little surprise for lovers or those to whom we sympathize.

On Monday, February 14, there was a revival at the preparatory department of the Institute of Additional Education. A cute box with Valentine cards wandered through the classrooms, filled with pleasant declarations of love and sympathy to its recipients.

For the students of the preparatory department, a master class on making hearts in the origami technique was held, which allowed everyone to show their skills in making a three-dimensional heart with their own hands, and then, expressing warm feelings, give it to a friend or keep it for a good memory.

The culminating chord was the words of recognition “I love you” in different languages of the world from the mouths of the actors of the demo video, which were echoed by those present in the audience.

Inspired by what she saw, the girl Sonia Taglian Gael from the distant Congo wrote on the board in Lingala the intimate phrase “I love you”.

Let's not forget that you can show warm feelings to each other any day, you don't have to wait for the holiday. Do we often talk about our feelings? Do we often try to please our loved ones with at least a small gift or surprise just like that, without any reason? Probably not very much. Let's not forget about it!

N. Starovoitova, Senior lecturer of the Department
of Pre-university Training and Career Guidance,
responsible for educational work at the Institute of Additional Training